Verne Lundquist referred to both teams in the Apple Cup (or Bowl, or whatever receptacle it is) as "inept." Which made me laugh, but still seems a little rude to say on national television. I was expecting the normal "rebuilding year, struggling team" fluff. But, as Dane Cook says, it's funny because it's true. » 11/22/08 9:05pm 11/22/08 9:05pm

Holla to Ole Miss, at #2! When I was there, we got ranked in the top 5 and administration was mortified, as we were trying to get a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Come on, what's really more important: book larnin' or partying?! Let's keep things in proper perspective here! » 7/29/08 4:32pm 7/29/08 4:32pm